The Acutro Platform is a building performance solution for energy optimisation,
predictive maintenance, and asset lifecycle analysis

"Acutro is streaming intelligence into smart buildings”

Commercial Real Estate (CRE) is by far the largest asset class in the world, valued at a staggering 228 trillion dollars and growing. How we optimise this vast quantity of real estate, especially with increasing pressures to drive economic and environmental efficiencies, is now more important than ever.

Three key verticals operate at the epicentre of the CRE industry:




All three are intrinsically connected to each other in many different ways, and are often at different stages in their alignment with digital transformation strategies and the adoption of technologies across the built environment.
Acutro is illuminating the many flaws in legacy operating models whilst accelerating a building’s data journeys across the industry.
FLAW - Carbon Footprint

Climate change, net-carbon targets, and ESG pressures are all forcing landlords and renters to challenge the supply chain to push environmental goals within real estate.

  • 54% of total energy usage is wasted across commercial real estate
  • A lack of reporting on consumption at a granular level has hindered people’s understanding of the distribution of energy in the industry
  • There is currently a lack of knowledge in the industry on how to sustainably reduce energy profiles without requiring significant capital investment for upgrades
SOLUTION - Energy Optimisation

Optimise the distribution of energy across any site 24/7 to reduce energy usage and associated costs, as well as achieve sustainability goals.

Utilise the baseline of a building’s operating profile and analytics to highlight its actual usage, following up on and executing all available optimisations prescribed by Acutro.

FLAW - Maintenance Resource

With COVID accelerating digitisation and remote working, Landlords must explore ways of optimising operational costs to maintain their buildings to survive.

  • Current Planned Preventative Maintenance is still a point-in-time risk control, subject to human error
  • Over 1/4 of an average annual commercial property’s service budget is spent on contracted and reactive maintenance services
  • A large proportion of repairs are delivered by a specialist supply chain, greatly increasing an asset manager’s annual reactive expenditure
SOLUTION - Data-Driven Maintenance

Leveraging AI data models to provide Asset Health AI scores helps optimise predictive maintenance by informing you of real-time insights.

Overlayed models against existing PPM standards used to ascertain how a hybrid model can be achieved, all delivered through maintenance reduction powered by the Asset Health AI. Acutro enables organisations to conform to a condition-based maintenance model, positioning them to best utilise Predictive Maintenance across their CRE assets.

FLAW - Lifecycle Costs

With energy consumption, maintenance, and many other aspects of building ownership, there is a significant lifecycle cost to consider for high-level assets. A landlord's annual budget is under more scrutiny than ever before as companies adopt WFH and hybrid work.

  • Quantifying the lifecycle of a high-level asset is a point-in-time human survey, often prone to error
  • The cost of asset failure is 3-4 times higher than the cost of any proactive replacement/ fix
  • Replacement of high-value assets is often expensive, resource-intensive to plan and deliver, and delivered by costly 3rd party subcontractors
SOLUTION - Lifecycle Analytics

AThe core of this solution requires stepping away completely from manual point-in-time assessments.

Instead, asset managers can monitor in a supervised, AI-driven environment to assess their telemetry data. This can accurately inform on the condition, usage, maintenance profile, component availability, and obsolescence to feed into a holistic Lifecycle AI score. This helps reduce the risk of human error and mistakes.

Quantify your asset’s lifespan through Acutro’s advanced AI to make more strategic decisions on asset replacement and project forecasting.

FLAW - Siloed Systems & Strategy

Smart Buildings are here to stay as industries embark on their respective digital transformation journeys. The great challenge with this otherwise positive revolution is in demonstrating and measuring value, to scale, across portfolios.

  • Overarching digital strategies are not current priorities by all stakeholders in the value chain, as the value ownership is distributed differently
  • Embedding successful technology solutions are often challenged due to reluctance to change across the workforce
  • Lack of accountability with current legacy technology
SOLUTION - Single Pane of Glass View

Acutro accelerates and facilitates users on their data journey by guaranteeing data sovereignty for its users, as well as protecting them from the ransoming of data.

Acutro is only one small but vital cog in a much larger machine. Because of this, it is critical to our mission that Acutro cohesively works alongside and connects with existing operating systems all across the client’s landscape, ready and able to connect to both new and legacy technology wherever possible.

Why Now?

ESG Credentials are a driving force to leverage occupier engagement and stickiness.
Remote working / remote monitoring is here to stay.
Predictive Maintenance is becoming more prevalent in MEP Specifications.
Commoditisation of AI/ML technologies. Clients and service providers are becoming more receptive towards adoption.
Asset Owners on the brink are looking to innovative technology to unlock more flexible commercial models across their supply chain.
Demand / Supply issues for the engineering workforce.

What makes us different?

PropTech Partner
Smart Buildings Vendor

Subject Matter Expertise

Our core team has an extensive engineering background, and many have experienced industry problems first-hand by living and breathing FM.

Seamless Delivery

Acutro manages the implementation process end-to-end, from design and provision of its own or 3rd party hardware to installation on site. Top to bottom, we are experts at building data solutions across your property.


Acutro deploys a simple and inexpensive price per sq. ft model, reinforcing our mission to create easy-to-deploy, enterprise-class solutions.

Integration and Data Control

Through providing integration with any operations systems across a landscape, Acutro software is able to ingest all data as efficiently and non-intrusively as possible.

Asset Performance Indexing

Acutro IoE tracks the index performance of assets by utilising pre-defined logic and AI models. The indexed performance will provide intervention opportunities to suppress, decelerate, or accelerate planned preventative maintenance tasks.

Fault Diagnostic analytics

Fault detection models trigger a ‘feedback loop’ mechanism, allowing Acutro to classify any fault events with a fault code and linked resolution. ML (Machine Learning) allows this to become suggestive and pre-emptive as it accrues more data.

Lifecycle Analytics

Acutro leverages IoT & CAFM (Computer Aided Facility Management) data to quantify real-time lifecycle metrics associated with each individual asset through algorithms. Alongside this, Acutro IoE will also incorporate an analytics layer to automate workflows and instruct the user on whether prolonging asset life or replacing the asset is the most efficient path.

Bi-Directional Control

The Acutro Lens appliance allows bi-directional control through its ability to natively read/write data back to OT and HVAC control systems across the built environment.

Contacting the Acutro team

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